Ceremony opened Olympic games

The Opening Ceremony is a celebration showcasing the best of the Host Nation. It also features a parade of all competing nations and the highly anticipated entrance of the Olympic Flame, which ignites the Cauldron and signals the start of the Games. The eyes of the world will be on London for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Ceremony will provide an opportunity for the world to view the artistic expression of the Artistic Director (Danny Boyle) and his team, and the culture of our Host City and the UK. There are certain elements that must feature in every Ceremony, as outlined in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) charter. The artistic performance of the Ceremony then gets underway and welcomes the world to the London 2012 Games. The Olympic Park will be situated in the east part of London, the city with a population of 7.3 million, while other venues will be situated in the city centre and along the Thames. The Olympic Park will include the Olympic Village, an Olympic Stadium with 80,000 seats and sports facilities for 12 more sports. The Olympic tennis competition will take place at Wimbledon and sailing competition in Weymouth, 236 kilometres away from London. The London Olympic program includes 26 sports; competition in 300 events will take place at a total of 34 venues. About 10500 athletes coming from 205 countries, accompanied by 6000 officials, are expected to participate in the London Olympic Games.

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