Many athletes can be seen in Rio 2019th

Croatian Olympic silver in Beijing Filip Ude, talks about his crash in Saturday qualifying and his future plans. Philip said he was worried that a key element in the exercise, because it was the day before in training just a little bothered by that element, but it is claimed, before the appearance of warming did everything perfectly and it is rather that the problems do not exercise. But Philip says: "I made a beginner mistake and I'm a little rushed in this element, and the horse if we hurry up, throw you out of the clock and there is no return." Philip said that he was fittest in life, even more willing than in Beijing, but because of trivial errors lost the finals in the pommel horse, and maybe winning some of the medals. But Philip was already turning towards the next Olympics and Rio de Janeiro, for four years from Beijing quickly passed, of which two had problems with injuries, but hopes that the next cycle will be better and that will make your Rio dream, and this is an Olympic gold. The plan for the next four years is one world, one European and one Olympic medal. / Source: ecakovec /

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